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About nimr

alnimr alarabi holding company (“nimr”) is a Saudi Arabian diversified investment, business development and corporate services company that develops, manages, and controls a variety of investments within and beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our investment footprint spans the Middle East & North Africa, the United States, and Europe with interest in different multiple asset classes, sectors, and industries.

Investment Mandate

nimr is a dynamic partner investing into companies driving production of future-facing technologies and securing offtake connecting technologies with local and regional markets. nimr provides long-term capital to investment opportunities that offer both access to offtake as well as attractive returns on investment.

What We Do

Investment Development

Before every investment, nimr’s specialists thoroughly assess the given opportunity:

  • Initiate, develop, and maintain relationships with investment
  • dealmakers, strategic partners, and advisors
  • Generate a deal-flow for nimr

Investment Management

The operations of nimr continue in preserving and growing the investment portfolio:

  • Prepare reports and analysis for all stakeholders
  • Set the exit plan form an investment

Our Investments

Diversified Portfolio

Our investment philosophy is to develop an optimal mix of geographically diversified asset classes. We aim to preserve and grow our investment portfolio through a combination of profitable investment strategies that strive for long-term capital appreciation and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. Our goal is to ensure generating high returns on our investments with minimal capital and financial risks.

Responsible Investments

nimr believes in responsible investing. We align our strategy with local and global sustainable development goals. At nimr, we aim to invest in industries and sectors that provide a brighter and more sustainable future with focus in high value technologies and assets and support the development of localization and resilient supply chains.

Investment Philosophy


nimr's lines of communication are always open for all stakeholders to get the financial information they require. We regularly share with our partners and stakeholders relevant, accurate, and complete information in a timely manner.

Steady Returns

Returns on investment depend on the ability to handle investment strategies, systems, finances, and managing investment options. Steady returns are expected while growing portfolios, and can be multiplied through the reinvestment of realized profits over set periods of time.

Asset Allocation

Ideal asset allocation involves a mixed range of aggressive to safe investments that aim to deliver a total return over time with minimal risk. nimr develops portfolios that balance investor needs against their tolerance for risk in order to create more stable portfolios. nimr minimize risks even more by utilizing alternative investments that further diversify the portfolios.

Wealth Preservation

nimr manages assets in ways that ensure the protection of their value, safeguarding against reductions or erosions. A multitude of challenges could arise such as inflation, retirement planning, long-term care, proper asset allocation, and capital market risks. At nimr, we tackle these issues by developing proactive strategies that help mitigate adverse consequences.

Investment Strategy


We take minority positions providing long-term capital for long term partnerships.


We make equity investments to participate in the expected growth of an opportunity.


Securing offtake is critical to our investments, which feed into local and regional markets.


We are currently focused on Aerospace and Defense, Additive Manufacturing, Green Energy, and Cloud Computing.


Together with our partners, we seek to support industrial development in Saudi Arabia and provide access to regional growth markets.

Life Cycle

We invest across the life cycle of an asset, while ensuring a balanced portfolio.

Asset Classes

Cash & Cash Equivalents

We allocate a significant chunk of investments to listed equities, treasures, and private fund placements, among other financial securities that are easy to liquidate at short notice.

Fixed Income

We invest into fixed income bonds (Sukuk) issued by the Government and/or private entities.


Our investment portfolio is comprised of several strategic and tactical listed equities of companies based in KSA and USA.

Venture Capital

We invest in innovation-driven IT, manufacturing, and tech start-up companies.

Private Equity

We have a keen interest in participating in private equity investments in KSA and overseas.

Real Estate

We invest in real estate opportunities that generate recurring incomes with possibilities of long-term capital appreciation.

Area of Focus

Alternative Investments

nimr focuses on empowering entrepreneurs in sectors with potential for growth such as aerospace & defense, technology, renewables, healthcare, tourism & hospitality, agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure.

Traditional Investments

nimr core focus in traditional investments is a strategic long-term view, seeking value equity markets. nimr is also agile, seizing short to medium-term tactical opportunities in public markets.

Our Services

Let's work you through our adaptive business solutions

Establishment and Registration

We guide you through the legal requirements and national, governmental and local municipal registration processes incumbent upon law firms seeking to establish a location in Saudi Arabia.

Qualification and Licensing Services

Our firm will be able to assist you in obtaining permit or license. These permits are often necessary when it comes to employment, financial activities and permission from local authorities. We are experienced in this process and can offer you on the ground support.

Corporate and Fiscal Compliance

We ensure that you are fully informed on how the local business must operate to be compliant with local corporate, administrative and fiscal standards. This include compliance with, amongst other, local tax laws, corporate governance structures. HR requirements, location standards and investment laws.

Administrative and (Para)Legal Services

We offer other general and administrative services, such as express legalisation service, courier services, and qualified legal translation. We have an excellent referral network for legal services with local firms, administrative firms and accountancy firms.

Data storage and management

  • Secured archive facility for records management and storage
  • Secured in/out mailroom for processing:
    • Invoice
    • Purchase order
    • Insurance and documents

Office Operators (on-location and virtual)

  • Meeting rooms (different sizes)
  • Dedicated office space
  • Collaborative office space for teams
  • Open-space with dedicated desk
  • Open-space with flex desk

Our Team

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a proven track record in delivering growth and creating value, leveraging its deep knowledge of the advanced technologies sector and investment.

Management Team

Our management team has a proven track record in creating value and driving long-term growth.

Senior Team

Our senior team has operated at the highest level, managing significant investments.

The Team

Our team has a rich and varied investment experience in complex mega projects.

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