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Al Nimr Al Arabi is an innovative corporate services company, headquartered in Riyadh, the trade and administrative capital of Saudi Arabia. Our team has more than a decade of experience in finding corporate solutions for large corporations, various businesses, startups, investors and law firms worldwide. We focus on international law firms for whom we provide boutique solutions for competitive prices.

What we do

We simplify the establishment and management of your law firm in Saudi Arabia. We guide you through all the localization requirements for corporate, legal, financial and tax compliance.

Our Services

Let's work you through our adaptive business solutions

Establishment and Registration

We guide you through the legal requirements and national, governmental and local municipal registration processes incumbent upon law firms seeking to establish a location in Saudi Arabia.

Qualification and Licensing Services

Our firm will be able to assist you in obtaining permit or license. These permits are often necessary when it comes to employment, financial activities and permission from local authorities. We are experienced in this process and can offer you on the ground support.

Corporate and Fiscal Compliance

We ensure that you are fully informed on how the local business must operate to be compliant with local corporate, administrative and fiscal standards. This include compliance with, amongst other, local tax laws, corporate governance structures. HR requirements, location standards and investment laws.

Administrative and (Para)Legal Services

We offer other general and administrative services, such as express legalisation service, courier services, and qualified legal translation. We have an excellent referral network for legal services with local firms, administrative firms and accountancy firms.

Data storage and management

  • Secured archive facility for records management and storage
  • Secured in/out mailroom for processing:
    • Invoice
    • Purchase order
    • Insurance and documents

Office Operators (on-location and virtual)

  • Meeting rooms (different sizes)
  • Dedicated office space
  • Collaborative office space for teams
  • Open-space with dedicated desk
  • Open-space with flex desk

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